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Everyone I dealt with was super friendly and answered all my questions fully. I appreciated how everyone, from the receptionist to Dr. Patel, took the time to make sure I fully understood the procedure, the billing, the recovery process, etc.


The staff is very informative and sensitive to whatever anxious feelings you may have. They spend the needed time with you and don’t rush you in or out. They know the field of practice and work with you to meet your expense. I am glad to have found Dr. Patel and her practice. She rocks!


This was my first visit and I could not have been treated any better. The staff was very helpful and Dr. Patel performed the oral surgery without any discomfort to me. I would recommend to anyone that needed Oral Surgery to make an appointment with her at Arlington Oral Surgery in Arlington, VA.


Dr. Patel was amazing. She walked me through the entire procedure and prepped me with everything I would experience. There were no surprises. I definitely recommend anyone that needs any oral care to work Dr. Patel. She definitely put me at ease.


My experience at Arlington Oral Surgery was delightful. I was apprehensive, yet also very ready, to get my wisdom teeth removed due to extreme pain from impacted growth. The ladies in the office were informative and pleasant. Amy was very flexible and understanding when it came to setting up a financial payment plan, a quality I wish all doctors’ offices’ possessed. Gabby was heartwarmingly welcome, helping to put me at ease with upbeat banter prior to surgery. Doctor Patel had an endearing quirkiness – while at times walking around with her parrot on her shoulder – and relayed the diagnosis and treatment in a coherent and intelligent way. The office is clean, offers free Wi-Fi, and is located in an ideal spot for Metro riders. I would, however, recommend that all post op patient instructions be written down, as some were only explained but not placed on the instructions sheet. Regardless, I did receive all the info needed and would recommend Arlington Oral Surgery to anyone in need of an excellent Oral Surgery team. Great job and many thanks.


Efficient, kind and prompt staff. Great oral surgery in the midst of a tricky oral situation.


The doctor is great!!! I got a mucocele surgury. Atfitst i was really scared but she comforted me and made me feel better. And after surgery i think the scar is gonna be gone cuz its so small. This place is really great.


Very fast and friendly. Willing to talk, answer any questions and give you simple answers.


Very happy with Dr Patel and her staff. Everyone was great and courteous. The office was clean and nice. Dr Patel did a great job explaining everything she did.


Excellent care & service; excellent explanations & pain management; very professional office staff; did not like the fact that my dentist was called to get approval for tooth extraction because that is MY decision, NOT dentist’s decision!


Really professional, courteous, skillful, and kind. Exactly what I was looking for in an oral surgeon.


Wonderful service, clean and professional. I came in for a consultation and they serviced me right then. I would recommend Dr. Patel to everyone who is in need of oral surgery.


I had my first minor surgery with Dr. Patel and I am pleased with the results. Everyone was very professional and so pleasant. They make you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


The whole process went smoothly and the procedure, as well as post-op information was easily understood. The office is stunning and the smiling faces of the employees made me sad that I didn’t have a reason to stop by afterwards! As someone who has a fear of doctors and surgeries, I couldn’t have been more comfortable.

They are great! excellent costumer service .

got my wisdom teeth out – quick and painless!! great service.

Best dental experience ever for anyone stressed out over dental procedures. I ended up at the doctor after a panic attack getting my tooth pulled. When I went in for the procedure, I remember mentioning something about the mask they put over my nose thinking they had yet to start only to learn the procedure was complete! Doctor was professional, personable, and I highly recommend her to anyone.