2023: The Year of the Thriving Healthcare Provider

The year 2022 has been a very challenging year for all of us. If you believe in astrological experts, alignment of certain planets made the last few months of 2022 a time in which many people were “cleaning out their closets” of bad energies. Jobs, friendships, relationships, living situations. All seemed to be cleansed.

Those of us in the healthcare industry have struggled mightily in 2022. The “great resignation” has made it quite difficult to find and retain staff committed to excellence in healthcare. Rising costs to supplies increased overhead costs at a pace that insurance reimbursements have not kept up with, have made our margins thinner than ever, and in many cases, practices are closing, or being sold to corporate entities at staggering rates.

For me, it has been difficult to contend with the palpable feeling that the average patient and family members stress levels are higher than ever. To be fair, just about everyone who walks through the oral surgeon’s door is nervous. Anxiety can manifest as hostility, appearance of disinterest, or out and out tears. None of this is easy for me to see in a patient. I wish I could take that anxiety away.

So we, as providers, are stretched to the limit, as more than ever is being asked of us — while there is less resilience available as we face increasing pressures.

In the face of these obstacles, I myself have begun a journey of surrounding myself with empowering energy. It sometimes takes a leap to remove those things from our lives that no longer serve us. Whether they are people, work schedules, living situations or eating habits. This is a time to reevaluate what brings an energy of thriving and expansion — vs. an energy of self-doubt and fear.

I truly hope your 2023 brings a journey of self-discovery and expansion. For healthcare providers — our mission works to the extent we stay healed to better serve others. In 2023 you will be hearing more and more of my favorite well-being secrets. I truly hope they will contribute to your own wellness.